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I needed crowns on my front teeth and was SO nervous! Not only is this a big procedure, but it can totally change things aesthetically! Dr. Mahoney was so patient and took my concerns seriously. She made sure I was totally happy with the look and feel of my new crowns. Dr Mahoney and her staff are so nice and make you feel completely at ease! I'm one who gets anxiety even with a simple cleaning, but here I felt totally comfortable. I highly recommend Mahoney Family Dentistry!

Leandra W. on Facebook

I took my 13 month old in for his 1st preventative appointment. I had heard Dr. Mahoney had a son close to my son's age so off the bat I figured she'd be great in dealing with little mouths! I loved the feeling of the office when I walked was relaxing with a fun cubby space just for kids! The coffee bar is a nice touch as well, with a fridge with drinks for kids as well. At the end of his appointment he got to pick a fun prize out of the box!

From the front desk welcome to Dr. Mahoney explaining that "Yes, in fact my son would cry" but only for the few minutes it would take her to examine his mouth, I was so grateful that we have found a wonderful dentist for our little guy!

Christina B. on Facebook

The ladies at Mahoney Family Dentistry are at the top of their field. I feel at ease every time I go in there regardless if I'm getting a general cleaning or fillings.

It is also a very pleasant atmosphere. Rachel at the front desk makes you feel right at home as soon as you come in. Zanna, dental assistant, is very good at what she does and appears to make Dr. Mahoney's job so much easier.

Dr. Mahoney is the best dentist I've ever been to. She cares about her patients and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and pain free.

I would recommend Mahoney Family Dentistry to everyone who wants a relaxing, pain free experience.

Jason P. on Facebook

In 2002 my beloved dentist retired. Since then I've gone to three different dentists and they were all "ok". I was beginning to think I was setting the bar too high in my expectations. That is, until today. I had my first appointment with Mahoney Family Dentistry and I'm totally satisfied that this is the clinic I've been looking for. Professional care, the latest equipment, attention to detail, and interest in me as a person. Can't wait to go back!

Debbie F. on Facebook

What a Wonderful gentle dentist you are Dr. Mahoney ! I didn't feel a thing and my tooth feels great! Thanks for repairing my tooth so I can eat my favorite crunchy foods with confidence! You have such a great office and staff! Love the views also ! It was a pleasure to be there! Thanks again!

Pamela M. on Facebook

Dr Mahoney and her staff are incredible. I always feel very welcomed when I come for my visits. Thank you to Dr Mahoney and her staff for having a very professional, honest, and extremely talented office that I will be coming to for life!!

Shaunte R. on Facebook

Once again they save me! My temporary crown came off durning a trip out to the movies with my son. Thank you so much for letting me drop in to get it back on!! #thankful

Aleana L. on Facebook

I love you guys! I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else for my teeth cleaning needs. :) Your whole staff is so kind. The Masten family loves Mahoney Family Dentistry!!!

Emily M. on Facebook

It doesn't matter that I've moved away, I'll be a Mahoney Family Dentistry patient as long as they'll have me!

Dereck E. on Facebook

Beautiful office and friendly staff! I recommend it!

Alta H. on Facebook

I cannot say enough about how wonderful and positive my recent visit was to Mahoney Family Dentistry. I had not been to the dentist for 6 years and was so nervous. The staff and Dr. Mahoney were so kind, considerate, nonjudgemental, and helpful. They answered all of my questions and offered several options to help alleviate my anxiety and pain. I went in for a cleaning, x-rays, and a general exam. Nancy was so gentle during her cleaning of my teeth that I ended up not needing any medication because I experienced no pain (I have sensitive teeth and gums).

The office itself was very clean, modern, and equipped with the latest technologies and comforts to help distract from the fact that you are at the dentist! I am so happy and grateful that I found Mahoney Family Dentistry. I cannot recommend them enough!

Megan H. on Yelp

Awesome office with caring and gentle staff. Warm neck pillows, soft blankets, television to watch during treatment, nitrous, free custom whitening. The goodie bags are the best and the experience is always very comfortable! Five stars!

Jane J. on Yelp

Every person in this office is amazing. All of the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate.

They have a kids area in the waiting room along with a stocked mini fridge, coffee, tea and snacks.

They offer free lifetiming whitening which is an amazing perk to the already amazing customer service. I have been going to them for just under a year and they have gone above and beyond. I actually had my wisdom teeth out today and was super nervous but was quickly calmed down and felt that O was in great hands.

I would reccomend them to everyone I know.

Ashley A. on Yelp

I would give this place 10 stars if I could! Decided to book a new patient appointment here when I noticed I had a "small cavity". Everyone in my office goes to this place and swore I would regret it if I went elsewhere. I work in medicine with a LOT of people who, well work in healthcare so aren't necessarily the easiest to please when it comes to costumer service and overall experience of going to other providers. Mahoney wasn't exactly in my neighborhood but I made the trip because everyone said she was the best.

Long story short, my "small cavity" turned into an emergency when it shattered while I was eating dinner. I had already had a standing appointment with them a week out so I called right away (this was 10 pm) and their front desk girl got back with me BEFORE the office was even opened the next day. They got me in right on time, had my insurance already verified and even had a beverage and snack bar out front!

The office itself was very nice, tons of parking and easy to find. When I was taken back the dental hygienist (I believe her name was Nancy) she went above and beyond! I am very very nervous at dental offices and she was so sweet, so considerate and was very quick at her job.

Dr. Mahoney came in and she was just as professional and kind as all of my coworkers had said she was. She told me that they wouldn't be able to save my tooth (I would need an extraction and implant) and that she was more than happy to get that done right away. I was in so much pain at this point I couldn't eat, sleep so I wanted to get in right away. She left the room to write up a treatment plan and the dental hygienist said to me "were you hoping to get this out today?" In tears I said yes and she left the room.

They both came back not even 5 minutes later with a treatment plan for any other issues I had and told me they were more than happy to get me in today so I could eat and go back to work. When the doctor left I was full crying and just so humbled by her kindess. The dental hygienist made it a point to get me in that day and reaching out to me on a personal level.

Surgery was fast and I hardly feel pain less than 24 hours later. My insurance paid for pretty much everything but the wonderful front desk girl gave me a break down of allowed amounts. what my insurance paid and my responsibility. SERIOUSLY ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!

Destiny C. on Yelp

Very friendly, professional staff and a beautiful office! They even do free whitening! I highly recommend this dental office!

H A. on Yelp

Had an emergency situation with a broken tooth in the back. Called and they scheduled me in for the next day. Just moved here from out of state and having used the same dentist for 15 years prior, I was a little apprehensive. I was hoping it would be a moderately pleasant dental experience. It was very pleasant. They were very attentive to the pain management. I had no pain at all, even during the giving of the injections. Everyone was nice and professional. They had quoted me what they thought the cost would be to fix my issue, when all was done, it turned out to be hundreds less than what they quoted. Very pleased with the service and plan on making this place my regular dentist office.

Leslie C. on Yelp

I went to Dr. Mahoney to get my wisdom teeth removed. I waited years to get them done since I was not happy with quoted prices from numerous other places. My bottom left side most dentists would not touch since my tooth root was near a nerve. Dr. Mahoney did not hesitate stating she can help me out. I work in the health care industry so I would consider myself a very picky, but nice patient. I ask five million questions every time I visit a place. I found out that Dr. Mahoney is one of the best of the best. She went over and beyond with her schooling and you can tell with her level of care and experience during your exams and procedures. On top of this, her staff is also the very best. I feel like I've known them all for years. Their office is only a few months old and is absolutely gorgeous!! They spared no expense with the decor including having a mini fridge with refreshments plus a keurig for tea and coffee. There is also a little basket of healthy crackers. My kids went crazy when I brought them in for their checkups. They have a little area with games and toys to play with, plus they both got little toys after their cleanings and goody bags with new toothbrushes/ toothpaste etc. What is extra special about Dr. Mahoneys place is that new customers receive a $100 credit for the first visit plus teeth whitening is free with cleaning. This place is an absolute jewel and you will not find better. There is nothing I would change. Their staff care about you and will have followup calls. Oh and my price for my teeth after insurance was only $350/ a fourth of the cost compared to others. It will be worth your time to check out this dentist office!!!!!

Miranda Y. on Yelp

Love this office! Had been seeing the same dentist for over 15 years and he retired. So happy I found Dr Mahoney! Everyone was so friendly and compassionate. I immediately hit it off with Nancy who did my cleaning and of course Dr Mahoney. Not only was the staff amazing but the office is gorgeous! I have never sat in a more comfortable dentist chair :)

I will be recommending this office to everyone I know!!!

Cresent M. on Yelp

I have always had a fear of the dentist but doing so much better and keeping up with my regular dental care by going to Mahoney Family Dentist. They have worked on my anxiety and fear and very gentle and caring. They are professional but treat you like a friend. The customer service is beyond anything I have ever seen. All work is written out and you know what you are paying for. Kudos to a great place to have your teeth taken care of.

Kathy K. on Yelp

I had a horrible infection in my tooth. My dentist was out of town, 1 800 dentist recommended Mahoney Family Dentistry. Dr Mahoney and her staff acted fast and got me a root canal scheduled for the next day. The amount of communication that went on between the dental professionals was absolutely amazing! I have switch my dental care over to Mahoney Family Dentistry. They are amazing!!! I appreciated the follow up phone call to see how I was doing! :)

Aleana L. on Yelp

I love this dentist and her staff. They know and remember me and my sensitive teeth.

Stacy L. on Google

Having a toddler is an experience...and at times not a pleasant one! Over the weekend was one of those times, in which my 19 month old fell face first and chipped what appeared to be a front tooth. I called Dr. Mahoney's office Monday morning and Zanna was fabulous saying they had room to see my son as soon as I could get to the office! Upon arrival I was warmly greeted and Dr. Mahoney, also a mom of a toddler, COMPLETELY understood my concern, did a thorough check of my son's teeth noting 2 or 3 might be chipped. She let my dentist-anxiety ridden kiddo hold the dental instruments to calm him down, put on a cartoon show, and sent us home with some info to keep an eye on the teeth.

We LOVE Dr. Mahoney and her fabulous staff.

CJ B. on Google

I was in to see Dr. Mahoney in her very beautiful new office a couple of weeks ago. It was the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had. She replaced a filling that had cracked. It was so easy for me and so relaxed, that I couldn't believe when she was through. I have had a lot of dental work in my life, and this was the very best experience I have ever had.

Brenda W. on Google

Rachel was very friendly and Dr. Mahoney was very good at anticipating my needs for my next visit, which i appreciated very much. It was very nice that everyone was aware of my discomfort and did everything they could to make sure I would be comfortable until and during my next appointment during which I will be having a root canal. The staff did a wonderful job at making a scary procedure as easy and comfortable as possible for me!

Jin L. on Google

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